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Your neck plays an important role in supporting the weight of your head, which weighs 4 to 5 kgs!!! The long slender structure that is known as your neck houses 7 cervical vertebrae, these joints are responsible for the movement of your neck and allow you to turn your head in a range of different motions.

Often it’s not until we experience neck pain that we realize how often we bend, turn or twist our neck.  Everyday stresses and activities like driving, sitting for long periods of time, sleeping in awkward or incorrect positions, computer use, trauma and poor posture can cause extra stress in the spine and nervous system and contribute to neck pain.

These extra stresses in life placed on us can cause nerve irritation within the spine of the neck and contribute to more than just pain! Symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, sleeping difficulties and disorders, low energy, ear infections, headaches, migraines, brain fog, memory problems, low energy, colds, food intolerances, chronic fatigue, anxiety, vertigo, shortness of breath, emotional instability, TMJ (jaw issues, carpel tunnel and pins and needles in the arms and fingers.

So if you are experiencing more than just neck pain these issues may be stemming from an underlying cause within your neck.  Pain and symptoms are merely your body’s alarm system letting you know that it is under pressure and not functioning to its full potential.

Fortunately the team at Absolute health Nambour can address you health concern in a professional and experienced manner. We provide our patients with the safest most effective care.

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